Introducing Web Muncher

Lets just say the Netscape Foundation has been at this longer than I have...

This is the official web site (or a mirror) of the Web Muncher project.  It is an open source administrative tool that is used for extracting information from web sites that normally is difficult reverse engineer.  In the hands of a trained expert, Web Muncher may be very useful for identifying concerns of many different types.

Web Muncher is a passive investigator, examining the contents of each page that is viewed.  The primary reason this project was started was to assess security for use in penetration testing.  It is a good tool for quickly identifying hidden information that was necessary to perform these audits.

By connecting the browser directly to the analyzer, Web Muncher hopes to replace "proxy-based" examination tools.  Because it is not a proxy, it is easy to install and use with a minimum of issues.

ALPHA ALERT!!!   Web Muncher is currently in its very fledgling stages of development.  Although it works on some systems, it's:

  • Not guaranteed to work reliably, accurately, etc.
  • Results are not guaranteed, mostly because it hasn't undergone any form of testing regimen.
  • Might not work on your particular OS or configuration
  • Definitely doesn't have all the features that you'd expect in a web browser

Please keep in mind that this software is a work in progress.  Also, its distributed under the GNU Public License v2.